RYA Postgraduate Education

Become a Better Teacher, Mentor, and Leader

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

RYA postgrad curriculum is created to help you awaken your Superpowers and become One with The Force.*

*Our faculty and staff cannot be held responsible for the spontaneous growth of butterfly wings or unicorn horns.

Invest in Yourself and Impact Your Community

Our programs are designed to help you empower yourself to connect with your students and guide them toward lasting well-being.

RYA postgraduate courses are for certified instructors of all experience levels who wish to further their abilities and serve their communities as conscious, loving leaders.

Teach to Heal

What you teach draws students class. How you teach inspires them to return.

Craig Villani - Director and Principal Teacher

Advance Your Abilities

Advance in the art of yoga therapy, sharpen your professional skills, and expand your knowledge of functional movement to become an invaluable asset to any teaching team.

Communicate With Confidence

Develop the skills that will help you connect with your students and inspire them to live their truth with Courage, Strength, and Compassion.

RYA Postgrad is for Every Certified 26&2 Teacher

Teach to Heal and Leadership Training revolutionized my teaching. Craig taught me how to develop a more intuitive approach, trust my own strengths, and consciously connect with the students in front of me. I learned how to hold space for them to transform, and to teach a more effective, therapeutic class with power and compassion.

While maintaining respect for the Teaching Dialogue, Craig helped me see beyond my self-imposed limitations and trust my authentic voice. Since returning home, my classes have been full, and teaching yoga has been fantastic. With my whole heart, I recommend this course.

Isolde Verbrugge - Bikram TT Graduate Fall 2011

RYA Postgraduate Education
Sample Schedule

A Day In The Life of RYA L2:

9am - yoga class

11am - recharge / relax / review

1pm - functional anatomy & physiology

3pm - asana mechanics / therapy lab

5pm - recharge / relax / review

7pm - lecture / discussion / workshop

L2 Curriculum Overview


  • Detailed Posture Mechanics of the Therapeutic 26&2
  • Spinal Articulation
  • Core Dynamics
  • Respiratory and Circulatory Integration


  • Uncover Your Authentic Voice
  • Incorporate Effective Breathing Techniques
  • Strengthen Your Vocal Dynamics
  • Communicate With Clarity and Confidence


  • Evolve Beyond a Basic Script
  • Assess Imbalance and Disequilibrium in Any Body
  • Learn to Apply Essential Modifications for Injury, Disability, and Disease
  • Integrate Depth and Endurance as Functions of Breath and Form


  • Operative Command: Construct of the BodyMind Connection
  • Understand Reaction and Response
  • Symbiosis: Respiration, Circulation, and Neurophysiology
  • Transform Patterns through Conscious Connection

RYA Leadership Training Course 

Join Our Most Advanced Postgraduate Course to Realize Your Unique Capacity as a Transformational Leader

Connect With Purpose

Apply all the knowledge gained in RYA L2 to connect with your highest purpose and lead others toward deeper self awareness.

Mentor Growth in Others

Effective feedback is a secret shared by the most influential leaders. The ability to both offer and receive constructive feedback is the cornerstone of professional development.

Master successful feedback, reflection, and leadership models, and return home to share your wisdom with your community.

Learn from Experience

For over two decades, RYA Director Craig Villani has helped thousands progress from student to certified instructor, and from experienced instructor to transformational leader.

RYA L3 gives selected teachers the opportunity to lead class and receive in-depth feedback from Craig during Leadership Lab.

Strengthen Your Community

RYA Leadership Training offers you the advantage of collaborating with like-minded leaders who share a commitment to raising the quality of life for themselves, their students, and their communities.

Join us in supporting each other to be the change we wish to see, both in our lives and in our world.

RYA Leadership Training Course
Sample Schedule

A Day In The Life of RYA L3:

9am - yoga class

11am - recharge / relax / review

1pm - feedback roundtable

2pm - leadership lab

4pm - facilitator clinic

5pm - recharge / relax / review

7pm - lecture / discussion / workshop

L3 Curriculum Overview

Leadership Lab

  • Implement Effective Feedback and Leadership Models
  • Refine and Evolve Your Expertise Daily
  • Advance Your Communication Skills
  • Receive Personalized Guidance, Feedback, and Reflection

Facilitator Development 

  • Connect with Greater Efficacy
  • Construct a Safe Environment for Healing
  • Cultivate Your Ability to Mentor Teachers
  • Navigate the Psychology of Transformation

Karma Yoga: The Business of Yoga

  • Increase Student Retention
  • Build Your Community
  • Expand Your Client Base
  • Ethical Leadership: Realize Abundance through Service

Transformational Leadership  

  • Integrate Knowledge, Intention, and Purpose with Healing
  • Develop Confidence through Self-Awareness
  • Realize Your Strategic Vision and Empower Your Team
  • Learn to Facilitate Lasting Connection and Growth

Curriculum Enhancement 

  • Create Effective Seminars and Workshops
  • Transform Your School into a Healing Center
  • Expand Your Schedule and Offerings
  • Teach Meditation and Yoga Nidra to All Levels
  • Educate and Inspire Your Community

Raja Yoga Academy Advanced Courses in Postgraduate Education 


Successful completion of RYA L2 is a prerequisite for participation in RYA L3

Level 2 and level 3 postgraduate courses are designed to combine as one, contributing to a 300hr Advanced Training designation.

We offer our L3 graduates the opportunity to participate in any of our RYA L1 programs to complete their 300 hour Advanced Training.

For inquiries about Raja Yoga Academy Post Graduate Education please use our contact form.

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We inspire conscious leaders to serve with courage, strength, and love.

Raja Yoga Academy is supported by an incredible community of established yoga schools and dedicated instructors. We are officially recognized as a Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance.

Beyond brand, method, and location, your RYA education is designed to help you realize your wholeness as a facilitator of transformation. 

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