We’ve learned a lot in the past two years. All of us have been challenged to evolve and create a new vision for how we choose to serve. RYA FUSION TRAINING provides you with the tools to meet this vision - both virtual and in-person.

We Love What We Do

Our highly trained faculty and staff make us the gold standard of teacher training, and we’re confident when we say that we are the best in the world at what we do.

Join our global community of Raja Teachers in a powerful immersion that will challenge you to see the best in yourself - to bring out the best in everyone else.

Fusion Training is the Wave of the Future

As an RYA Yoga Alliance approved Hatha Yoga Teacher, you will be fully accredited to teach anywhere in the world - both online and in-person.

Our OG staff wishes this was the training that they could have done ten years ago!

FUSION Teacher Training Gives You:

  • More one-on-one interaction with faculty and staff
  • On-demand lecture and workshop recordings, available to view as often as you like for optimal learning
  • The ability to progress at your own pace with fewer time constraints & retain more of what you learn
  • Virtual connection with your teachers, mentors, and your staff liaison, who are only an email or a Zoom call away
  • Lifetime access to our growing RYA Virtual Platform for Certified Teachers
  • Access to all future RYA in-person training programs
  • Magic Ninja Yoga Superpowers far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals

We understand that everyone has different schedules and commitments right now. For the first time ever, we can provide you with the training experience that serves your needs best.

Check out your options:


  • Choose Learn to REALLY understand your practice - the same way your teachers do.
  • Choose Learn to gain an in-depth understanding of the Original 26&2 & advance your practice WITHOUT the stress of learning to teach.
  • Choose Learn to have super yoga street cred any time, anywhere you get on your mat.


  • Choose Teach to learn to teach (!!) both online and in-person.
  • Choose Teach to earn your professional certification as a 500hr Hatha Yoga Teacher.
  • Choose Teach to learn your craft and develop your professional skills in our infamous RYA Teaching Labs, classes, lectures, workshops, and clinics - all with our international staff of senior facilitators.
  • Choose Teach to be legit with a green juice in hand and yoga pants on for any social media post.


  • Choose Transform to expand beyond the foundational curriculum of our Teach course, and deep-dive into personal transformation and professional growth..
  • Choose Transform to receive individual coaching sessions and professional feedback.
  • Choose Transform to explore deeper connections in our exclusive series of new workshops, clinics, and lectures: Tools for Transformation.
  • Choose Transform to help you realize your capacity as a transformational leader.
  • Choose Transform to earn the right to choose between a unicorn horn or butterfly wings - and remember to choose wisely, because they’re permanent.

Level 1 FUSION Teacher Training Curriculum


All RYA L1 online yoga classes:

  • Asana-specific, functional anatomy and physiology
  • Membership in the Original 26&2 Hot Yoga Online Course
  • Pranayama and conscious breathing
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Nutrition and hydration fundamentals
  • RYA Asana Clinic
  • Original 26&2 class structure and sequencing
  • The art of practice: consistency, precision, and intensity
  • Mindfulness: the practice of presence
  • The legacy of our lineage

All yoga is good yoga: exploring established systems

Yoga astanga- eight limbs

Advancing your practice

Demystifying yoga: chakra, bandha, karma, kriya, tapas, yama, niyama

The Three Pillars of Consciousness Yoga: practice, awareness, and Being


Includes all curriculum from LEARN, plus:

  • Teaching effectively in the virtual and in-person realms
  • Modifications for injury, imbalance, and disease
    Feedback for personal and professional growth
  • Vocal training and public speaking
  • Pregnancy modifications
  • Sanskrit: the language of yoga
  • Diagnosis and therapy: teach to heal
  • Increasing your value in yoga today
  • The art of teaching: mechanics, philosophy, and application
    Navigating the global classroom
  • The business of yoga
  • Teaching: variations on class length
  • Respecting the teacher-student relationship
  • Transpersonal teaching to evolve intuition
  • The architecture of conscious connection
  • Raja yoga: meditation, mind training, and pattern recognition
  • The teaching conversation as a framework for effective leadership
  • Precision of intent and transitional cohesion
  • Applying verbal operative command
  • Ancient practice, modern world
  • Situational and energetic awareness
  • Ethical leadership
  • Developing authenticity


Includes all curriculum from LEARN and TEACH, plus:

  • Three one-on-one momentum coaching sessions with Craig
  • RYA Tools for Transformation workshop and lecture series
  • Comprehensive feedback for professional success (with Craig)
  • Foundations in guided meditation and yoga nidra
  • Pranayama: techniques to expand awareness
  • The power of holding space
  • Developing empathic awareness
  • Expansion and Contraction: the wave of being
  • The path from teacher to transformational leader
  • In-depth exploration of Consciousness Yoga
  • And more...

Two One-on-One Momentum Coaching Sessions

  • RYA Director Craig Villani will meet one-on-one with you for 3 separate, 1 hour-long virtual coaching sessions during the course of your training.

Comprehensive Feedback for Professional Success

  • After graduation, Craig will lead you through a comprehensive feedback session to uncover and develop your strengths, help you book more work, deepen your practice, and evolve as a teacher.

Tools for Transformation

  • Join Craig and some of our world-renowned RYA Faculty in a series of clinics, lectures, and workshops that will provide you with the tools and insight to help others realize personal growth and lasting well-being.

Raja Yoga Academy


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Share Your Love, and Change the World

In the old-world model, only a select few lucky yogis could escape from life and make the time to come and study with us.

NOW, because of an unprecedented global shift to virtual learning, EVERYONE with the desire and the drive to commit to this epic life-changing experience, can!

Together, we can find connection through the chaos, and choose faith over fear.

Take your passion for your practice and turn it into gold - in being of service to others.

The Time to Transform is Now.

We’ve got you!!

Yes! I want to apply for RYA FUSION L1 Hot Yoga Teacher Training:

We inspire conscious leaders to serve with courage, faith, and love.

Raja Yoga Academy is supported by an incredible international community of established yoga schools and dedicated instructors. We are officially recognized as a Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance.

Beyond brand, method, and location, your RYA certification is designed to help open doors for you anywhere in the world,. Your RYA education will prepare you to step inside the door and teach.

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