Level 1 Fusion Teacher Training

Our next Raja Yoga Academy Teacher Training is scheduled for 2022

An Experience Like No Other

RYA’s flagship program offers you much more than just a yoga teacher training. Our graduates describe this experience as life changing. We invite you to discover why.

Some of What You Will Discover in Our Level 1 Curriculum


  • Biomechanics of the Therapeutic 26&2
  • Pranayama and conscious breathing
  • Consistency, precision, and intensity
  • Mindfulness: the practice of presence
  • Advancing your practice
  • All yoga is good yoga: exploring established systems
  • Feedback for personal and professional growth


  • Traditional 26&2 class structure
  • Understanding the components of conscious connection
  • Diagnosis and therapy in a healing modality: teaching to heal
  • The legacy of our lineage
  • The art of teaching: mechanics, philosophy, and application
  • Ethical leadership
  • Respecting the teacher-student relationship
  • Transpersonal teaching to evolve intuition


  • Asana-specific anatomy and physiology
  • Vocal training and public speaking
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Modifications for injury, imbalance, and disease
  • Demystifying yoga: chakra, bandha, karma, kriya, tapas, yama, niyama, etc.
  • Yoga astanga- eight limbs
  • Pregnancy modifications
  • The business of yoga
  • First aid / cpr / aed *


  • Raja yoga: meditation, mind training, and pattern recognition
  • The teaching conversation as a framework for effective leadership
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Precision of intent and transitional cohesion
  • Understand and apply verbal operative command
  • Ancient practice, modern world
  • Situational and energetic awareness
  • Increasing your value in yoga today
  • Developing authenticity


Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Fusion Dates TBA for 2022/2023




Share Your Love, and Change the World

In the old-world model, only a select few lucky yogis could escape from life and make the time to come and study with us.

NOW, because of an unprecedented global shift to virtual learning, EVERYONE with the desire and the drive to commit to this epic life-changing experience, can!

Together, we can find connection through the chaos, and choose faith over fear.

Take your passion for your practice and turn it into gold - in being of service to others.

The Time to Transform is Now.

We’ve got you!!


Core 26, Level 1 Hot Yoga Teacher Training 2023

We inspire conscious leaders to serve with courage, strength, and love.

Raja Yoga Academy is supported by an incredible community of established yoga schools and dedicated instructors. We are officially recognized as a Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance.

Beyond brand, method, and location, your RYA education is designed to help you realize your wholeness as a facilitator of transformation. 

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