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There’s always room for more love

At RYA, we focus our curriculum through a therapeutic lens, and encourage respectful communication and collaboration between all methods and modalities of conscious connection.

We are passionate educators who love to learn, grow, laugh, and serve.

Simply put, we teach to heal.

Welcome to Raja Yoga Academy, where your most influential teacher stands before you in the mirror. 

We invite you to fulfill your highest purpose and lead others toward that same realization.

Alone, we can do much. Together, we can do anything. The future begins with what we do now.

The facilitators, staff, and visiting teachers were life changing. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. 

It’s fun, and it’s hard, and it’s amazing. You think you’re coming to do yoga and learn how to teach yoga, and it’s really about who you are and how you’re going to change other people’s lives and help those around you. It’s not what you expect- it’s so much more.

Cate Reese - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Craig Villani


For over twenty years, Craig Villani has guided thousands of yoga instructors to achieve professional certification in hatha yoga, particularly the Original 26&2. He served for nearly a decade as International Director of Education and Teacher Training for the Bikram Yoga College of India, and resigned from his position in 2008.

Craig leads events throughout the world, focusing on hatha and raja yoga, breath work, meditation, conscious connection, and integrative health. He has been mentoring transformational leaders since 1999.

A big fan of Maui sunsets and lazy Sundays, he's pretty confident that Self-realization rests in a shady hammock on a warm beach with an old guitar and a good friend. He sees the practice of yoga as a powerful tool to expand consciousness and fully experience the profound gift of life.

Craig coaches a small number of individual clients in personal transformation, and consults leadership teams in building and operating effective training programs. For inquiries, please contact him directly.


International Faculty

Community of Courage, Compassion, and Connection

We inspire conscious leaders to serve with courage, strength, and love.

Raja Yoga Academy is supported by an incredible community of established yoga schools and dedicated instructors. We are officially recognized as a Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance.

Beyond brand, method, and location, your RYA education is designed to help you realize your wholeness as a facilitator of transformation. 

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