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The New Paradigm in Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Therapeutic Core 26 Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Level 1  |  Six Weeks  |  500hrs

With Craig Villani

Huntington beach, USA

September 10 - October 22, 2016

Through honest and respectful communication, we hope to inspire ethical, compassionate, and confident leaders

Strictly limited enrollment

The Raja Yoga Academy Experience

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    Be the first of a new generation of hot yoga teachers


    Raja Yoga Academy offers an innovative curriculum designed to meet the evolving needs of modern yogis. Our comprehensive programs provide you with the essential tools to transform your practice and build a successful career as a professional yoga instructor.




    Applications and Pricing

    Visiting Teachers

    RYA Level 2 Advanced TT - coming soon

    Raja Yoga Academy provides advanced training programs designed to increase your value in a rapidly evolving field.

    Our full curriculum includes a progressive Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training for all certified instructors and an elite Leadership Academy Course specifically designed for school owners, mentors, and facilitators. Upcoming dates and locations will be announced soon.

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    Accelerate your evolution

    Our intensive training program is designed to accelerate your development and empower you with teaching skills that would otherwise take years to evolve

    Raja Yoga Academy training incorporates a highly concentrated field of study designed to yield lasting results. Whether you aspire to teach or simply desire to evolve your practice, we are confident that you will integrate the knowledge and practical experience to assist you in realizing profound and unparalleled transformation.

    Learn to be a Leader

    Empower yourself to empower others

    Our international faculty is chosen from amongst the most experienced, passionate, and capable facilitators within our community. These mentors will empower you to practice and instruct the Traditional Core 26 with precision, efficacy, and awareness.

    Acclaimed guest speakers will provide expert instruction in related fields such as nutrition, anatomy, medical science, yoga philosophy, meditation, and vocal training.

    Faculty Members

    Traditional therapeutic Core 26  Hot Yoga topics covered in our 500hr, Level 1 curriculum

    Our training schedule exceeds any recognition requirements


    Biomechanics of core 26 asana

    Pranayama and conscious breathing

    Consistency, precision, and intensity

    Mindfulness: the practice of presence

    Advancing your practice

    All yoga is good yoga: exploring established systems

    Feedback for personal and professional growth



    Asana-specific anatomy and physiology

    Vocal training and public speaking

    Yoga history and philosophy

    Modifications for injury, imbalance, and disease

    Demystifying yoga: chakra, bandha, karma, kriya, tapas, yama, niyama, etc.

    Yoga astanga- eight limbs

    Pregnancy modifications

    The business of yoga

    First aid / cpr / aed *


    Traditional core 26 class structure

    Understanding the components of conscious connection

    Diagnosis and therapy in a healing modality: teaching to heal

    The legacy of our lineage

    The art of teaching: mechanics, philosophy, and application

    Ethical leadership

    Respecting the teacher-student relationship

    Transpersonal teaching to evolve intuition



    Raja yoga: meditation, mind training, and pattern recognition

    The teaching conversation as a framework for effective leadership

    Nutrition and hydration

    Precision of intent and transitional cohesion

    Understand and apply verbal operative command

    Ancient practice, modern world

    Situational and energetic awareness

    Increasing your value in yoga today

    Developing authenticity

    Therapeutic Core 26 sample schedule

    Your days will look something like this...

    Monday | Wednesday | Friday

    9:00am yoga class and pranayama / meditation
    11:00am relax / recharge / study
    12:30pm teaching lab / anatomy
    4:30pm relax / recharge
    5:00pm yoga class
    6:30pm relax / recharge
    8:00-11:00pm asana clinic / lecture

    Tuesday | Thursday

    9:00am yoga class
    11:00am relax / recharge / study
    12:30pm asana clinic / lecture / meditation
    5:00pm relax / recharge
    6:30-11.00pm teaching lab / workshop


    9:00am yoga class
    11:00am relax / recharge / study
    12:30pm-4.30pm asana clinic / teaching lab / workshop


    Raja Yoga Academy:
    Forward thinking grounded in tradition


    Take yourself to the next level


    Work Together

    Upon acceptance into the Core 26 Intensive, you will begin the first phase of our curriculum under the direct guidance of your sponsor and a Yoga Academy facilitator. By the start of the training, you will have already fulfilled a substantial number of required hours. Following graduation, these mentors will continue to support your professional development and increase your value as a certified instructor.


    Teaching Lab

    Knowledge is only useful if successfully applied. The Academy Teaching Lab offers a daily immersion in the art of leadership and communication. You will evolve your strengths to develop new skills through progressive feedback and collaboration in actual teaching scenarios.


    Asana Clinic

    Through demonstration, analysis, and discussion, we will provide you with a detailed mindbody blueprint to practice and instruct therapeutic hatha yoga asana for the traditional Core 26.


    The Teaching Conversation

    Effective instructors must respond to the unique needs of their students, both individually and collectively. Our innovative approach to experiential learning will enable you to evolve beyond recitation and discover new potentials for connection and communication.


    Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics of Asana

    Internationally acclaimed physiotherapist, research scientist, and university lecturer Simon Borg-Olivier instructs our comprehensive Core 26 anatomy course. You will learn posture-specific anatomy and physiology, including how systems, organs, and glands relate to individual asana biomechanics. This practical approach supports the essential integration of diagnosis and therapy within a traditional healing modality.


    Meditation, Mindfulness, and Neurophysiology

    Yoga is the practice of presence. Traditional hatha yoga utilizes the physical body as a medium to strengthen and transform the human mind. The Raja Yoga Academy will empower you to learn and evolve beyond the scope of a physical practice through mindfulness and meditation. Our curriculum balances the wisdom of an ancient practice with the most impactful discoveries of modern science to unify a deeper understanding of mind, body, and breath.


    Choose your location - learn in luxury

    stunning locations, state-of-the-art facilities, luxury accommodation

    All Raja Yoga Academy training classes are conducted in leading, contemporary hot yoga schools with cutting-edge climate control, heating, and ventilation to prepare you for real teaching in real environments

    Huntington Beach, USA

    RYA level 2 ADVANCED Teacher Training
    Coming Soon

    Dates TBA

    The Raja Yoga Academy Experience

    Luxury accommodation plus state-of-the-art hot yoga facilities

    Gain worldwide recognition

    Raja Yoga Academy 500 hour Level 1 Core 26 Hot Yoga Teacher Training program gives you recognition and certification as an RYS 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher.

    Your teaching career is waiting for you

    Inspiration, education, and accommodation combine to create a life changing experience

    Huntington Beach USA


    Six weeks, 500hr, RYA Level 1, Teacher Training




    Join a global community of yoga teachers and schools that have already paved your way


    Six weeks at Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Huntington Beach

    Southern California




    Beautiful ocean front accommodations across the street from one of Southern California’s most iconic beaches. Rooms with private balconies available.

    Discounted Academy rate exclusive to teacher trainees.
    Normal Price $5,400

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    Raja Yoga Academy

    Raja Yoga Academy 500 hour Level 1 Core 26 Hot Yoga Teacher Training program gives you recognition and certification as an RYS 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher.

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